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Photovoltaic energy

Turn the sun into electricity

Photovoltaic solar energy directly transforms sunlight into electricity using a technology based on the photovoltaic effect.

It is a type of clean, renewable and inexhaustible energy; and also does not pollute the environment.

NostreSol is a leader in renewable energy, it gives you what we are all waiting for, photovoltaic panels, so that your home has all the electricity you need, and now finally, without tax on the SUN.

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Advantages of Photovoltaic Energy

Turn the sun into electricity

The cheapest source of electricity

The installation of photovoltaic panels to obtain electric power is an option for which more and more people are betting.

- It is a source of clean, renewable, infinite and silent energy.
- Does not consume fuels or generate waste.
- Suitable for urban, rural or isolated areas.
- The panels have a long life and resist adverse weather conditions.
- The panels can be placed on roofs, industrial roofs.
- It is an increasingly affordable technology economically.
- Contributes to sustainable development. - Save on average 70% -80% on your electric bill.

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Is that how it works

Turn the sun into electricity

Sunlight (which is composed of photons) affects the photovoltaic cells of the plate, creating a field of electricity between the layers. This is how an electrical circuit is generated. The more intense the light, the greater the flow of electricity. In addition, it is not necessary to have direct light, since on cloudy days it also works.

The photoelectric cells transform solar energy into electricity in the form of direct current, and this is transformed to alternating current to be able to use the electronic equipment that we usually have in our homes.

The device that is responsible for this transformation is called the inverter. The inverter transforms the direct current into alternating current with the same characteristics as the Red Eléctrica controlling the uniformity and quality of the signal.

FINALLY, the SOL tax has been released and now a photovoltaic installation is VERY PROFITABLE. Why pay electricity companies? The SUN is free.

We take care of everything :)

We take care of everything :)

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