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Thermal solar energy

Heat the water with the sun

The solar thermal energy consists of the use of the Sun to produce heat that can be used for the production of hot water for domestic water consumption.

Advantages of Thermal Solar Energy

Turn the sun into hot water

Inexhaustible and free source, the Sun.

Unlike energy generated from fossil fuels, such as natural gas, oil and coal, solar energy is infinitely renewable.

- It is a source of clean, renewable, infinite and silent energy.
- Does not consume fuels or generate waste.
- Suitable for rural or isolated areas.
- The panels have a long life and resist adverse weather conditions.
- The panels can be placed on roofs, industrial roofs.
- It is an increasingly affordable technology economically.
- Contributes to sustainable development.

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Turn the sun into hot water

Taking advantage of sunlight to produce hot water is not only feasible, but it is a reality nowadays.

The solar thermal collectors or solar panels take advantage of the energy contained in the solar radiation and transform it into thermal energy.

Our solar collector has the most advanced technology on the market and its production uses only premium components.

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We take care of everything :)

We take care of everything :)

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