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Goodbye to lime, Goodbye to breakdowns of household appliances

The soft water produced by the NostreSol softeners will give you many advantages.

Save on maintenance of appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. Your crockery and glassware will be brighter, your clothes softer and with more vivid colors for longer.

The cleaning of surfaces and taps will last for a longer time and will eliminate the annoying lime stains of hard water.

Pipe and heater installations will have superior performance producing significant energy and maintenance savings.

Advantages of Soft Water

Improve the properties of your water

Take care of the environment and think about the future

The soft water in our bathroom is one of the big differences. The shower and bath with decalcified water is more comfortable: children will enjoy a real foam bath, your hair will be silky and easier to comb, shaving with soft water will stop being irritating and your skin will improve in appearance and hydration.

- Protection in all the pipes of our home.
- Protection of boilers, thermos, accumulators and radiators.
- Protection in the main appliances that use water.
- Savings on cleaning products.
- Decalcified water heats up before hard water.
- Soft clothes like the first day.

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The water softener NostreSol does not generate waste, improves the energy efficiency of boilers and appliances, reducing emissions to the atmosphere of CO2

We take care of everything :)

We take care of everything :)

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