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Inverse Osmosis

Quality water

Reverse osmosis is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, molecules and larger particles in drinking water.

The reverse osmosis process removes the sodium molecules from the water, the large sodium molecules can not pass through the membranes of the reverse osmosis filtering system, so drinking reverse osmosis water provides benefits.

Advantages of Soft Water

Quality water

Easy installation and low maintenance

The taste of purified water is another distinct advantage. Reverse osmosis removes dissolved minerals and other contaminants that make the water smell unpleasant, taste bad or present unusual colors.

- Provides excellent quality water and great taste.
- A very high percentage (99%) of retention of water contaminants is achieved.
- It is a system totally respectful with the environment.
- It has a small size.
- Purified water is ideal for the consumption of people.
- Soft clothes like the first day.

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Reverse osmosis systems offer one of the best ways to produce clean water, they are very efficient, being able to remove up to 95 - 99% of the contaminants that float in your water.

We take care of everything :)

We take care of everything :)

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