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How to save energy in Spring?

Spring is here! On these dates, the days are lengthened and the temperatures soften. For this reason, it is the perfect time to save energy, which will also result in a reduction in the cost of the electricity bill. Want to learn how to save energy in spring and make consumption more responsible? Read!

Take advantage of natural light

In spring, the hours of sunshine are extended and it is done later at night. Therefore, the most effective advice is to take advantage of the hours of sun: open the curtains and raise the blinds to let in the light and not have to turn on the light.

Besides, this sure puts you in a good mood!

Play with the windows to regulate the temperature

Open the ventilating windows when you want to refresh your home, or close them well to keep warm. Obviously, you'll save energy if you don't have to turn on ventilation or heating appliances to get the desired temperature.

On sunny days, open the window that is oriented to sunlight so that the heat comes in and keeps your home at the perfect temperature.

Wear clothing to regulate temperature variations

Temperatures in spring are not so extreme as to need to have a heating device or thermostat on continuously. If these are mild days, use your clothes to regulate your temperature and avoid extra costs. It is much more effective to put on a jacket or remove it, than to be continuously regulating the temperature.

Fan instead of air conditioning

If you can't help it and need to cool your home electrically, use a fan. This appliance expends much less energy than air conditioners and is much more sustainable.

Switch to solar energy

At Nostresol we love to advise you on the best to save energy. That's why we can't stop encouraging you to switch to solar energy. Installing photovoltaic plates will help you reduce the expense of your electricity bill, as well as make responsible consumption.

Nosotros nos ocupamos de todo :)

Nosotros nos ocupamos de todo :)

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