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Self-consumption in clean energies starts today

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Get your own energy!

Self-consumption in clean energies starts today


Self-consumption is legal and consists of producing your own energy and consuming the one you generate, in this case, with the help of the sun, thanks to solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panels.

Sumándote to self-consumption you will be the owner of your own photovoltaic installation, you will control your production, consumption and savings. And still connected to the network, you can buy the power of more than you need. Photovoltaic technology is more than tested, it is legal, viable and 100% renewable.

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Discover our Aqua Line

Line aqua

Reverse osmosis is used to clean and filter the water we are going to drink, thus reducing the consumption of minerals and bacteria that water can carry, on the other hand, the softener is used to reduce the amount of lime in the water we are going to Use to wash clothes, shower, wash dishes and clean the house in general.

Thanks to the NostreSol water softener, you can multiply the life of your appliances by 3.

Therefore, they are two teams that complement each other very well and using both at the same time we would obtain double the benefits.

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A mi me la pusieron y estoy encantada cada vez que abro el grifo para la ducha me encanta ya nunca más pagaré recibo de gas que maravilla y los instaladores un encanto.


Lo tengo desde hace dos años y estamos encantados . Lo recomiendo al 100% muy serios y profesionales


Yo las tengo desde hace mas de 3 años y hace un par de meses se las han instalado a mi hermano recomendado por mi. El aparato va como un avión.

We take care of everything :)

We take care of everything :)

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