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5 environmental-themed podcast you can't miss

Last March 3rd, it was World Nature Day. So, we started a month full of changes in landscapes, time and, why not, our humor. But, at this time, we must also not forget the care that the environment needs on our part. That's why we want to recommend 5 environmental-themed podcasts that you can't miss.

Currently, podcasts are a format that has gained strong popularity. That's why there are many platforms that include this format within its variety: Spotify, Google Podcast, iVoox, and even Youtube.


These podcasts were born in 2018, with Alberto Rosado as presenter. You can listen to its two seasons, which deal with sustainable policy issues. They have reports, analysis, interviews, and much more, all of the most interesting!

El Bosque Habitado

Since 2012, you can listen on Radio 3 every Sunday at 11:00h. In it, they talk about topics of nature and literature, they dedicate time to forests and species, but also to mythology, literature and fantastic characters.

Each podcast usually has great guests from the environmental sector. And, on its website, you can listen to all the programs already broadcast for free.

La Luciérnaga

This program airs on Wednesdays from 21:45, on the radio show Night after Night. It is a program of ecological current affairs, biology and the environment.

On its website, you can listen to the programs on demand.

Sostenible y Renovable

RTVE Podcast presented and directed by Juan San Ildefonso. It can be heard on Sunday at 02:30h and 11:05h, Mondays at 10:05h, Wednesdays at 02:30h and Thursdays at 22:30h. But, on the website there is the option to listen to all the programs already broadcast.

The topics they deal with are of all kinds, but always within the framework of sustainability. As they themselves define: "Transform the resources offered by nature into clean, non-polluting energy. Smart cities with nearly zero consumption buildings. Electricity self-generation systems that compete with fossil fuels. Advances that lead us to a new energy model, and to a green and efficient global economy."

La Madriguera

Finally, La Madriguera has a marked naturalistic cut. They talk about zoology, botany, geology, outdoor sport… You can listen to podcasts on the web.

As you know, at Nostresol we are committed to our planet and we love recommending books, podcasts and crafts that promote sustainability. And don't forget that if you want to learn about our services for sustainable energy consumption, you can contact us.

Nosotros nos ocupamos de todo :)

Nosotros nos ocupamos de todo :)

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