differences between a heat pump and an aerothermia system


What are the differences between a heat pump and an aerothermia system?

Although it may seem obvious, many of you still wonder what the differences are between a heat pump and an aerothermia system. To dispel any doubt, we will tell you what each of these heat generators is and what they are usually used for.

What is a heat pump? What about an aerothermia system?

As for the heat pump, the WEE defines it as a "reversible cycle refrigerated circuit, which is used for cooling and heating". That is, any system that can be used to generate heat.

Aerothermia, on the other hand, "is a technology that allows to obtain energy from the air to meet the demand for heating, cooling and /or hot water in buildings".

With these definitions, we check that heat pumps are a type of aerothermal system. There are many different ways to harness air to generate heat. In our case, we will talk about the air-water heat pumps, which serve to produce hot water. They are also used in underfloor heating and deliver considerably more natural heat than other systems. These pumps draw energy from the outside air and transfer it to the interior via a water heating circuit.

How does an aerothermal heat pump work?

The process to generate hot water with an air-water heat pump is very simple. They work as long as energy is extracted from the outdoor environment and transferred to the water for the generation of sanitary hot water.

Airblastheat heat pumps are designed and built for maximum performance in severe weather conditions, both in winter and summer.

Benefits of air-water heat pumps

Air-water or aerothermal heat pumps have certain benefits in terms of conventional heat generators.

  • They represent energy and economic savings.
  • The depreciation period for an aerothermal facility is short: two to three years.
  • They are very simple installation systems.
  • It is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable systems.

Still have doubts? Our aerothermia system is based on an air-water heat pump that will suppose a saving in your bills. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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