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Easy autumn light saving tips

The arrival of autumn always brings with it many changes: we have all returned from holidays, we resume sporting activities, plans are adapted to lower temperatures and fewer hours of sunshine, the leaves on the trees are changing and golden and reddish colours are flooding the landscape. Many of you will read these words with a nostalgic tone, but nothing could be further from the truth: take the opportunity to do all the activities that the heat didn't allow you to do and do it while saving on your electricity bill!

May autumn not leave your pocket stiff

If you want to know our 5 tips that will help you face the autumn slope, grab a pen and paper, here we go!

1. Make the most of sunlight

Summer always makes us accustomed to having light at almost any time of the day, but with the change of season this is no longer the case. That is why we should now draw the curtains, raise the blinds and make the most of the natural light and let the warmth into our home without relying so much on the heating.

comedor de una casa iluminado con la luz natural que entra desde la ventana

2. Check the operation of the heating and electrical systems.

It never hurts to check electrical appliances. Good maintenance of electrical systems and heating will help to make them considerably more cost-effective. If you need to replace an appliance, we always advise you to opt for class A appliances, as they may cost more, but the efficiency will be worth it.

persona girando la rueda del radiador para poner la calefacción

3. Compensate for temperature changes with clothing, not heating.

Autumn is a season with very variable weather, with some days being quite warm and others when it feels like winter has arrived by surprise. In these cases, the first option that comes to mind may be to turn on the heating, but if you want to save energy, opt to counteract this drop in temperature with a layer of clothing. It's more comfortable, cost-effective and quicker to wear clothes.

chica abrigándose en frente de su vestidor

4. LED bulbs and appliances on stand-by

This is a tip we give you to save energy in autumn, but it is applicable at all times of the year. Replacing old bulbs with LEDs will help considerably to save energy without losing brightness. As for appliances on stand-by, we are rarely aware of how much they cost. To avoid this, you can choose to unplug appliances directly from the mains or buy power strips with an ON/OFF option and switch them off when you don't need them.

movil cargándose conectado a la corriente eléctrica

5. Invest in solar energy for self-consumption

As you know, at Nostresol we always try to bring renewable energies to your homes so that we all contribute to caring for the planet. In our catalogue we offer different products with different technologies and qualities, but all of them have a positive effect on saving energy consumption:

  • Photovoltaic: directly transforms sunlight into electricity using technology based on the photovoltaic effect.
  • Thermosolar: consists of harnessing the sun to generate heat that can be used to produce hot water for domestic water consumption.
  • Aerothermal: It takes cold or hot air from outside and pumps it inside the appliance, generating hot water with minimum consumption.
placas solares para autoconsumo energético

If you are interested in switching to self-consumption and want to know which energy is best suited to your home, do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you all the details.

Nosotros nos ocupamos de todo :)

Nosotros nos ocupamos de todo :)

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