Our commitment

40 years of experience
Exporting in more than 70 countries
More than 20 quality certificates
Products of technological innovation
world leader in the Solar Sector

Up to 20 year warranty on sensors and deposit

10 year warranty + 10 years upgradeable. Only the best technology, can give the best guarantee in the market.

Instantaneous heating system to step

Reduces maintenance to a minimum (no need magnesium anode) and eveita standing water, extending the life of equipment beyond 35 years. The maximum performance.

316L stainless steel in the secondary circuit. MAXIMUM QUALITY!

Avoids the problems of lime, optimizing the performance of the exchanger.

Tinox-art sensors

Our high performance collectors TINOX, achieves greater energy absorption market, minimizing reflection.

Protection against the impact of ice

In the construction of the sensors high resistance tempered glass is used, with 4mm thick, to avoid possible damage from hail.

2 YEAR WARRANTY on installation

In the little details is the difference. All components of the installation team are meticulously trained to care for each installation to detail.

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